I’m a Weight Loss Navigator. Here’s How I Can Help You.

I’m a Weight Loss Navigator. Here’s How I Can Help You.

Author: Lindsay Steele, ACE-Certified Health Coach

Have you decided that you need to lose weight but aren’t sure where to start? If you know you want to change, but just not sure how to get there – let me help! My name is Lindsay Steele and I am the weight loss navigator for Woman’s. I am a trained health coach whose job is to get you healthy and help you reach your weight loss goals.

When I meet with clients, I love to share that I sat in a similar place about five years ago when I had my own weight loss journey at Woman’s. I explain that I’ve been in their shoes, but I’ve also been a health coach. So I have empathy and I know how to listen, discern the best option for each individual, set expectations and then help navigate the next best step.

A first meeting with a client typically involves discussing your goals and motivations for wanting to lead a healthier life. I love to learn about the beautiful “why’s”’ people want to be in their best shape. My goal is to understand the reason and lifestyle options and then offer the best program for them.

The Stages of Change

When looking for the best weight loss fit for a client, I find the stages of change a great place to start. This is where my background as a health coach helps me connect and support patients.

  • Pre-contemplation: Let’s say I have someone who wants to lose weight, but isn’t quite ready to make the changes necessary – they’re in the stage of precontemplation. This can be a place where I help discover their concerns. I love the idea that we’ve planted a seed of good health.
  • Contemplation: Many people arrived in my office in the contemplation stage, where they acknowledge health concerns. I help them navigate the pros and cons.
  • Preparation: In the preparation stage of change, the client is ready and committed to doing something. At this point, I clarify their goals and help them find the right programs and services for their needs and lifestyle.
  • Action: The Action stage is where the person may have achieved some goals, but wants to take it a step further. This is where I affirm their process and offer additional support and guidance.

Finding Your Fit

As the first point of contact for women seeking to lose weight, every client benefits from the tremendous team of support I have behind me. I work closely with dietitians, other health coaches, personal trainers, wellness coaches and even physicians when needed. Our comprehensive weight loss range includes:

Let me help make your weight loss decision easier! Contact me online so I can get a glimpse of your weight loss history and interests. I’ll set up a FREE consultation to learn more about you, your time, financial constraints and your goals to recommend the perfect place to start.

We verify your insurance benefits, schedule your appointments, and communicate with you every step of the way. Let Woman’s make your weight loss dreams a reality!