Gender Instincts

Gender Instincts

Throughout this whole pregnancy, I never really had an instinct or even a feeling about the baby’s gender. My family and friends, however, are convinced it’s a girl!

Soon after I found out I was pregnant, I went to my best friend’s house to tell her.

Here’s a little back story on me and my BFF: when people ask us how long we’ve been friends, we say “in the womb!” Our moms have been friends for 30 years. My mom just had me when her mom was pregnant with her. As close as we are, we are polar opposites. She’s the free spirit; I’m the realist. She’s the cook; I’m the cleaner. She’s the blonde; I’m the brunette.

The day I went to her house, she was wearing a chambray shirt, jeans and a fuchsia pink scarf. When I told her the big news, she screamed in excitement. Then she immediately said, “OMG. It’s a girl. I know it’s a girl.”

Another little back story: she now has a precious 9-month-old baby. She explained that the day she went for her gender ultrasound, dad put on a blue shirt for Team Boy. Not to be outdone, she threw on the fuchsia pink scarf for Team Girl. Baby turned out to be a boy!

So, you might say that because 1) we are polar opposites and 2) her baby is a boy, naturally I would have a girl. But get this…

The day I told her I was pregnant was the first day she had worn the pink scarf since the day of her ultrasound. WHOA!!!

A few weeks later, one of my coworkers (who happens to have a history of vivid dreams that come true) dreamed that I was having a girl. In her dream, she came by to visit me while I was in Labor in Delivery, then she left. Then she got a phone call that it was a girl!

My in-laws also told me that they have a “feeling” it’s a girl. To top it off, baby’s heartbeat was 166 at 12 weeks. According to an old wives’ tale, that indicates a girl! We’ll see in a few weeks!

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