Five Reasons to Make an Online Gift This Mother’s Day

Five Reasons to Make an Online Gift This Mother’s Day

1. Make your mom proud.

Moms are full of advice! Growing up you probably heard how important it was to give back to others. Imagine your mom’s joy this Mother’s Day when she realizes you WERE listening and see the importance of helping those in need.

2. Save a disinfecting wipe

That’s right, an online gift doesn’t need to be opened outside or wiped down with a coveted disinfecting wipe. We know those things are hard to come by so instead, make an online gift to acknowledge your Mom. Less time cleaning = more time to spend together.

3. Spread the love

Spread the kindness and compassion your mother instilled in you. One online donation for your mom helps dozens of mothers in need. Whether it’s mothers serving on the frontline or mothers giving birth during these uncertain times, your gift will support essential services for these supermoms.

4. Keep your distance

Get a meaningful gift for your mom from the comfort of your own home. No need for a mask or tape measure! An online gift means you can keep yourself and others as safe as possible.

5. Honor your Mom in a sincere way

There are likely no words to describe or material things that could convey what your mom means to you. Pay tribute to her efforts, her sacrifices, her compassion and her love by celebrating all the mothers of our community.

Make a gift in honor of your Mom by visiting

To all the Moms out there, thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day