Dermaplaning vs. Waxing

Dermaplaning vs. Waxing

When it comes to facial hair removal, there are often a lot of questions regarding the best option. As women, it’s important that the process not only removes unwanted hair, but also doesn’t affect the quality of our skin. Two popular options available at Woman’s Center for Wellness are dermaplaning and facial waxing. While both are great treatments, they do work in different ways.


Dermaplaning’s first job is to exfoliate the skin, which is accomplished by gently moving a dermatological scalpel back and forth over the skin. This process picks up dead cells and leaves the healthy skin cells. The process can be commonly compared to the sensation of running a credit card back and forth over your skin. While exfoliating is the main objective, a secondary result is the removal of facial hair.

Benefits of Dermaplaning include:

  • smoother, brighter skin
  • no chemicals
  • no down time (anyone up for a lunchtime appointment?)
  • smoother makeup application
  • better penetration for skincare products

Facial Waxing

Opposite of dermaplaning, the primary job of facial waxing is to remove unwanted and often unsightly hair. There are two different types of wax: hard wax which sets for removal and soft wax, which requires strips for removal. The process is commonly associated with a little sting or tingle feeling in the area, with any pain being short lived. Some women do experience reddening for a couple of hours following their appointment.

Benefits of Facial Waxing:

  • removes unwanted hair
  • no chemicals
  • smoother skin for longer periods of time (who doesn’t want that?)
  • hair returns finer and softer

So, let’s review! Dermaplaning is designed first to exfoliate first and remove hair second; waxing does the opposite. The choice is up to you as both services provide a great result.

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