Cancer Therapy at Woman’s Center for Wellness

Cancer Therapy at Woman’s Center for Wellness

Fighting cancer can be exhausting and overwhelming.  Side effects from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can often leave you side-lined; but, know that you are not alone in this fight.  The therapy team at Woman’s Hospital is here and ready to fight along-side you. Our therapists have received specialized training in treating the potential side effects of your treatments.

Some of the most common problems experienced during and after treatment include:

  • Fatigue….are you too tired to do the things you normally enjoy or need to do?
  • Pain….is pain keeping you from staying active or making you feel depressed or anxious?
  • Neuropathy….are you experiencing burning or tingling in your hands or feet or have you noticed you’re having difficulty walking?
  • Stiffness/Loss of Motion…..are you having troubling performing daily tasks because you can’t reach as high or squat down as easily as you used to?
  • Lymphedema….have you noticed any change in your arm or leg size or does it just feel heavy and tired all the time?
  • Chemo brain….are you having trouble remembering things or staying focused on tasks?

Cancer Rehab has been proven to help with all of these issues.  Whether you’re recently diagnosed, in the middle of treatment, or years out from treatment, we can help.  Our motto is “it’s never too early…or too late.”  Call us today at 225-924-8311 or click here learn more about our services.

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