Brittany’s Weight Loss Surgery Story

Brittany’s Weight Loss Surgery Story

“If you’re thinking about it, do it!”

That’s the message Brittany would share with anyone who is considering having weight loss surgery following her life-changing experience at Woman’s.

After having her second child, Brittany was not living a healthy lifestyle and was taking several medications every day. She was on metformin for insulin resistance, on a high dose of blood pressure medicine three times a day, and even had to to start taking anxiety medication to cope with her daily life.

“I felt like I was at a place where I may reach the point of no return,” Brittany explained. “I was the heaviest I had ever been, on so many different medications, and I knew that if I didn’t do something to get my life back that I might not ever get the life that I wanted.”

Even with medication, her blood pressure neared stroke levels, which was definitely a wake-up call for Brittany. She also could no longer do simple things with her daughters like play on the floor or take them to a park by herself. As a single mom, that was devastating.

Reaching Goals

Brittany had weight loss surgery at Woman’s Hospital in March 2019. Thanks to her procedure, along with a commitment to better health and lifestyle changes, she has lost more than 100 pounds during the last year. Not only did she reach the goals set by her medical team, she crushed them!

“I had a ‘fantasy goal’ in my head of where I wanted to be even beyond my medical goals, and it’s crazy to believe that I weigh even less than that now. It completely blows my mind,” she said with a big smile on her face.

More than a number on the scale, her quality of life has improved dramatically in the last year. She can play and be active with her kids. She can go into a regular clothing store and try things on — something that most people take for granted.

Since about 60 days after surgery, she no longer needs any medications … only a multivitamin to support her new active and healthy lifestyle. She even converted her garage into a home gym to help her stick to a routine and remain committed despite the challenges of being a single mom.

“Weight loss surgery has helped me be a better mom because it’s allowed me to demonstrate the things I would like to see in my children,” she said. “If they mimic the things that I’m doing now, I would be proud.”

Brittany says her only regret is not having surgery sooner. And choosing Woman’s? That was a no-brainer!

“When I found out that Woman’s was an option and was a center of excellence for weight loss surgery, I was ecstatic,” she explained. “I have a long relationship with Woman’s, and they have seen me through a lot of different stages in life. It just made sense for them to walk me through this journey too.”

She credits the support she received from her care team in helping her succeed and reach every milestone she set out to accomplish.

“At Woman’s Hospital, you are never alone. You have all the support in place. They give you the tools you need to be successful in your journey.”

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