5 Things To Do for Baby This Hurricane Season

5 Things To Do for Baby This Hurricane Season

1. Go shopping NOW. You don’t want to wait until the day before to shop for supplies; shopping with baby can be hard enough as is. There are many things to get for the entire house, but for baby specifically you should make a 72-hour kit. One great example of a 72-hour kit can be found here. You should also stock up on diapers, wipes, clean clothes and over-the-counter medicines as well as refill any prescriptions.

2. Get all the necessary paperwork and information that you might not have. Have copies of baby’s medical records and a list of medications and vaccinations just in case. Learn about the safety and evacuation procedures at baby’s daycare and don’t forget to make a list of emergency contact information for daycare and home. It would be best to find a waterproof container to store necessary paperwork in case of a flood.

3. Keep baby safe during the storm. When prepping the house for hurricanes, don’t forget about baby safety. Instead of the candles with a flame, purchase candles that look like a flame but have a switch (these are also easier to carry). Set up baby gates around windows to keep baby away, have a first aid kit readily available, and be sure you are knowledgeable in baby CPR. Finding the safest room in the house to become the temporary bedroom for you and baby will be beneficial as well if the storm begins at night.

4. Keep baby clean during the storm. Before the storm, clean and disinfect all areas of the house as you never know what room you might end up in with baby during the storm. Bathe both you and baby before the storm and fill bathtub with water for “bird baths” in case the water shuts off. If you run out of bottled water, be sure to have a grill accessible so you can boil water for baby.

5. Keep baby calm during the storm. Baby responds to stressful situations just like mom and wants to be comforted, usually by being held. This can prove difficult when you need two hands, so be sure to have a baby carrier or sling to comfort baby while still being mobile. Flashlights are important as well, but having battery operated push lights and attaching them in different rooms of the house will help free your hands for baby.

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