Super Foods for Breastfeeding Moms

Super Foods for Breastfeeding Moms

What you eat can affect your breast milk’s content and quality. This can seem scary or stressful at first, but don’t let it! Not only does Woman’s have a variety of breastfeeding education classes and support groups, we also have a quick list of super foods that are delicious, convenient and ready to be added to your grocery list.

Why? Not only is oatmeal quick and traditional, but it is high in iron, too. This super food has been shown to increase milk supply, fight iron deficiency, improve blood sugar and boost daily energy levels.

Why? Almonds are a convenient snack packed with protein and calcium. This super food is great for helping you reach the recommend goal of 1000 mg of calcium a day.

Leafy green vegetables
Why? Making food for two can leave your body lacking certain nutrients, but a daily dose of leafy green vegetables can prove to be a great solution. This super food category can include kale, spinach and even mustard greens, which provide calcium, fiber and many different vitamins.

Low-fat dairy products
Why? This super food category can help you receive the nutrients you need without drastically changing your diet. This can include milk, yogurt and cheese, which are high in vitamins B and D as well as calcium, some of the main building blocks of breast milk.

Salmon and Lean Beef
Why? Your body now demands so much energy as a new mom and must be met consistently. Protein-packed servings of meat or fish are a perfect way to supplement that. These super foods can help prevent anemia and add extra protein to your diet.

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