Stephanie’s Balance Story

Stephanie’s Balance Story

The journey to a healthier me has been a long one. I kept putting off finding a fitness program because I thought my weight was something I could conquer on my own. Then one day, I looked in the mirror and I was truly unhappy with the way I looked and felt. My weight was the highest it had ever been and I had hit an all-time low. I tried to start eating better and incorporating some exercise into my day-to-day; but, after losing a little weight, I hit a plateau and quickly became frustrated. It was then that I knew I had a problem, and I turned to Balance for the solution.

The incredible thing about the Balance program is that it isn’t a one size fits all sort of thing, the program was customized to fit me and body’s needs. Going through the program, I was able to meet with fitness and nutrition specialists who helped me find what worked for me and helped me reach my goals. The coaches were awesome and really took their time to teach me things that I could easily incorporate into my everyday life.

I’ll be honest, this journey wasn’t always easy. I love pasta and pizza. I mean, who doesn’t? And as hard as it was for me to limit those carbs, I knew that the end result would be worth it. But going through the program taught me that I didn’t have to totally cut out those things, but rather enjoy them in moderation. I learned tricks to helping me control those urges and when I did have pizza or pasta, I was able to understand how to balance those choices out with healthier options.

Making healthier choices has really been a big part in my success. My nutrition coaches helped me understand the importance of eating foods that fueled my body, not just filled me up. I started to eat more vegetables, trying to incorporate a veggie into as many meals as possible. I also quickly learned the importance of proper portions, and finding the portion that was right for me.

I think the craziest thing for me was finding myself enjoying my workouts. Before Balance, I would go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill and consider that proper excise. But, through working with the trainers, I learned what a good workout was and how good it could make me feel. After a few sessions, I started to look forward to working out and the feeling I got after crushing a workout session. Even after finishing the program, when I go to the gym, the trainers ask how I’m doing and give me so much encouragement to keep it going.

The Balance program goes far beyond the allotted 12 weeks. The things you learn help you to continue a healthy lifestyle, helping you make better choices each and every day. While the cost for the program can be prohibitive for some, when I thought about my health, it was well worth it to me. And while some can reach their goals on their own, I knew I needed the help of others, and Balance did that for me.


Having completed the program, I feel like I’m ready for the next chapter of life. I not only find myself more confident overall, but also more confident in my ability to continue my health journey, equipped with the knowledge I’ve been given through Balance. Because of Balance, my blood pressure is so much better and my wardrobe has drastically increased as I can now fit into clothes I hadn’t been able to wear for years. Sure, there are bad days and cheat days, but I know how to balance those out and can easily get back on track.

If you’re considering a fitness program, I would absolutely recommend Balance at Woman’s Center for Wellness. I promise, you won’t regret it!