Physical Therapy: Supporting Patients, Honing Skills

Physical Therapy: Supporting Patients, Honing Skills

Ever wonder what it’s like to work as a physical therapist in a hospital. Well, at Woman’s Hospital it’s a little different because of our patients and the specialized PT we offer.

We asked Angela Page, PT, CLT, Woman’s Hospital Adult Therapy Supervisor, what stands out about Woman’s as a choice for physical therapists…

“This organization understands how to engage a clinician.”

We continue to educate our therapists based on their interests and help them become experts in their field. Each of our therapists have specialized training in different areas. This helps us meet the needs of our patients and stay current on the most effective treatments in therapies such as dry needling, lymphedema and pelvic floor therapy.

“We support continued education.”
Every new PT graduates with a basic skill set that allows them to treat a wide variety of patients. Once therapists get out into the real world, they often find that there are certain diagnoses or patient types that really appeal to them. Woman’s is unique in that we encourage our therapists to pursue additional training individually as well as participating in courses as a group.

“It’s rewarding to provide that specific skill-set needed to help a patient.”

Having specialized skills allows us to treat the things that other therapists can’t. It’s very rewarding to get the patient who has been bounced around from other clinics without success until they finally find the right therapist at Woman’s with the specific skill-set needed to address their problem. 

One of the therapies that Woman’s offers that’s unique is cancer rehab – helping women manage the side effects of cancer treatments. Helping these women in their fight makes it worthwhile. 

The staff encourage each other through continuous collaboration on patients.” 

We participate in journal reviews to stay abreast of the latest research, and we’ve also started watching webinars as a group to hone our skills and to provide greater consistency among therapists. We really work together as a team, even if we don’t all provide the same treatments.  It’s a great place to grow, mentor, and be mentored.

If you are interested in becoming a physical therapist at Woman’s, check out our current openings and apply today.