The Meat-less Way to Get Your Protein

The Meat-less Way to Get Your Protein

The following post was written by the Woman’s Hospital’s Food and Nutrition Services Department.

For many patients undergoing cancer treatment, their changes in taste and smell can lead to a strong intolerance of any type of meat. While going vegan is a popular diet, patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation require a high amount of protein in their diets.

But without meat, how do those patients get their protein? Woman’s Hospital’s Food and Nutrition Services Department has a few tips to get enough protein in your diet without any meat.

  • Cheese, eggs, beans and peanut butter are considered meat alternatives. Add cheese to vegetables, fruit or soups.
  • Keep hard-boiled eggs handy to grab and go. Chop and add them to casseroles, salads or soups. Make egg salad and finger sandwiches ahead of time.
  • Add powder proteins to soups, gelatins or casseroles
  • Drink high-protein milk shakes between meals or purchase high-protein liquid supplements to make high protein shakes.
  • Add beans, like black, red or navy beans, to salads and soups
  • Make dips with beans to put on crackers or to eat with chips, or add them as a spread on sandwiches
  • Peanut butter can be added to milk shakes for a peanut butter shake or have a peanut butter sandwich with a cold glass of milk

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