Surviving my First Post-Surgery Thanksgiving

Surviving my First Post-Surgery Thanksgiving

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I love Thanksgiving.

We do Thanksgiving big in my family. We all get to my parents’ house on Wednesday night and my sister and I start to make the pies. We wake up early on Thursday and we spend all day cooking. My dad smokes the turkey, my sister and I cook most of the other things, and my mom “supervises.”

But this Thanksgiving was different because it was my first after my weight-loss surgery. I usually look forward to Thanksgiving starting around the beginning of September. This year I started to dread Thanksgiving pretty soon after I realized that it was going to be different this year.

I was still going to get to my parents house on Wednesday and make the pies, I was still going to get up early and spend all day cooking with my sister, but it was going to be different.

I was not going to be able to eat all those things that I would spend all day cooking. I would not get to eat slices of my pecan pie and my sister’s pumpkin pie. I would not get to overindulge in our sweet potato casserole. It was going to be hard.

The weight-loss surgery support group talked about ways to deal with Thanksgiving after your surgery. Some people said just don’t go to a Thanksgiving dinner, which I knew I could not do. I was not going to miss out on time with my family.

I knew the only way I would be able to survive would to be with moderation. I did much better than I thought I would. I had some turkey, which is a good lean protein, some of my sister’s fresh green beans, a tiny bit of sweet potato casserole, and even tinier slice of pecan pie.

I survived my first Thanksgiving without eating myself until I was sick. I focused on the protein and vegetables. But I did get a taste of my amazing pecan pie and it was totally worth it.

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