Sharing Your Birth Announcement During COVID-19

Sharing Your Birth Announcement During COVID-19

We know bringing a baby into the world is an exciting time for not only the new parents but their family members as well. We recognize that the COVID-19 situation has thrown an unexpected wrench in the thoughtfully planned birth experience many of you had envisioned.

However, just because your family members can’t physically be in the room with you on delivery day doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the joyous time! Here are a few ways to involve your family in your birth experience from afar:

Video Calls

Video calls allow you to have face-to-face interaction in real time with a group of people in different locations. It’s just like they are in the room!

Share Your Own Newborn Photos

Take your own newborn photos to share with your family via text or social media!

Casey Petzoldt, the owner/photographer at Candids LLC has some tips on how to get the best shots on your phone or own camera.

  • Try to take them during the day when there’s lots of window light.
  • Turn off those ugly hospital lights. Use window light only if you can.
  • Position your baby or the person you’re photographing either facing the light or so the light is coming in from their side.
  • Do not take photos with your lens facing the window unless you’re trying to get a silhouette. The window will be the brightest part of your photo and your subject will be dark.
  • The window should be to your side or to your back.
  • If you’re standing with your back to the window be careful that your body is not blocking the light.
  • Don’t take photos aiming up babies’ noses. Shoot down the bridge of the nose, from above or to the side.
  • Remember the details! Don’t be afraid to get in close! Get detailed shots of fingers, toes, lips, eyes, nose.
  • If your phone has portrait mode use it!
  • Download the Lightroom app and edit your photos!

Social Media

Similar to video calls, Live Mode on social media is a great way to share news with a large number of people simultaneously in real time. While you can’t actually see those watching, it allows viewers to comment and react through emojis and words to let you know how they are feeling!

If you want a more intimate experience, you can also use different social media functions to share news with a private group.

Group Messaging Apps

Group messaging apps are an easy way to share updates through messages, photos or videos to a private group of people. These apps allow members to check updates on their own time that they can constantly go back to.