Online Childbirth Classes

Online Childbirth Classes

With everything it takes to get ready for your baby’s birth, a childbirth class may not have even crossed your mind. However, we recommend adding to your pre-birth checklist! An online birthing class is an important step in preparing you for your baby’s arrival for many reasons!

  • Childbirth classes will help you be better prepared for labor and birth. At the very least, a childbirth class will inform you about your labor and birth options.
  • Soon-to-be dads gain multiple benefits from attending a childbirth class too! They will learn the basics of caring for newborns, how to help mom through labor, breastfeeding and much more.
  • These classes go beyond just childbirth. They also help ensure you’re creating a healthy pregnancy experience and prepared to care for your newborn after delivery.

While Woman’s in-person pregnancy classes have been canceled due to the COVID-19 situation, we have an online option for all expecting moms. Our e-classes provide the same information as a live birthing class from the comfort and safety of your own home.


Woman’s offer the following online childbirth classes in both English and Spanish:

If you are interested in taking more multiple e-classes, take advantage of our Bundle Deal!

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