Healthy Skin at Every Age

Healthy Skin at Every Age

Everyone should start a healthy skincare routine as early as possible. Below are some guidelines to follow to keep your skincare regimen on track at any age!

20s/30s: Ladies in this age group need to use a cleanser, vitamin C serum and moisturizer day and night. Cellular turnover slows after our teenage years, making it necessary to remove the dead skin cells. Products with microdermabrasion are the best for preventing dull skin and looking healthy and fresh. Try the Luksus brand microdermabrasion kit, available at Woman’s Center for Wellness.

30s/40s: This age group should use a cleanser, vitamin C serum and a moisturizer day and night that contains retinol. Vitamin A, or Retinol, stimulates collagen production for plumper skin and increases cell turnover. For people who are sensitive to Retinol, retinyl palmitate is a great alternative. Once you start using a product with vitamin A, it is vital to wear a good sunscreen because you are exposing newer skin to the surface and are more susceptible to sun damage! Chemical peels and deep exfoliation regularly to prevent any damage to the skin caused by aging, free radicals, etc. Some products to try include Green Cream and Luksus Biogel.

50s/60s and beyond: Continued use of a cleanser, Vitamin C serum and a moisturizer day and night containing retinol is very important at this stage to maintain skin’s healthy appearance as the cell turnover will have significantly decreased. Over the years, free radicals from the environment have attacked your collagen and elastin creating saggy and dry skin. To fight this, use a cream-based moisturizer with antioxidants as well as collagen, elastin along with a broad spectrum sunscreen. If you have escaped crow feet thus far, you are blessed, but the skin around the eyes will start to become crepey due to the loss of collagen. A great eye cream will be your new best friend! If your skin has become more sensitive, cut back on the exfoliation and Retinol based products. Try using them fewer times per week.

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