Finding Balance: Angela’s Results

Finding Balance: Angela’s Results

Hi! It’s Angela, and I’m back again with the final results from my 12 week Balance program. First of all, I can’t believe that 12 weeks have come and gone! The time really flew by. With that, it’s hard for me to recap my experience because I loved it all! In writing this post, I’ve had trouble figuring out where to begin, so I guess I’ll start with my before and after photos.

Let me just say… I. AM. BLOWN. AWAY.  I knew I felt better, looked better and dropped a couple of clothes sizes, but WOW! I don’t think I was actually able to physically see how much I’ve changed until I saw these photos side by side. The biggest change I have noticed is the loss of inches due to none of my clothes fitting – can I get a whoop!?!  In total, I lost a little over 10 pounds and 6.75 inches over the course of the 12 week program. Those numbers did not seem super impressive to me until I saw the physical results in the photos with my own eyes.

Looking back, Balance was exactly what I needed, when I needed it, to kick off my new healthy lifestyle. I really did think I was “relatively” healthy and blamed my BMI falling into the overweight range because I am so darn short, but yall – I was totally making excuses for myself! And let me tell you, those excuses were not doing me any good.

Being a part of this program has really changed my level of commitment to fitness. Over the years I have done different exercise classes and gyms, but this one was just different. I think working with a personal trainer for so long has given me the confidence and knowledge to not be intimidated to continue this journey on my own. Now, I’m not going to lie, I will still continue to use the trainers as I can, because they are just SO good, but I feel like I can continue to have effective workouts on my own.

Another perk to the program is all of the knowledge and resources I have gained to make better choices with my nutrition from the wellness coaches. I don’t like the word diet, because I always quit diets and this way of mindful eating is here to stay. Now, again being honest, I totally had queso at Superior this week, but I DID NOT eat a whole basket of chips, drink a margarita, and then follow it with a fajita or two, so that is a win!  The tortilla soup after the few chips and queso was all that I needed to feel satisfied. I have also continued to have my beloved wine, but I am certainly paying more attention to the quantity. I guess my point is that I do not feel like I am missing out on something because I am on this crazy diet that I will not be able to stick with. I’m still able to go out to dinner with family and friends and enjoy myself, only now I am more aware of my limits and can make better choices to “even out” some of the not so good choices I may make.

If you are at all thinking of trying out the Balance program, my advice is to quit thinking about it and just sign up! You will figure out how to make it work with your work/travel/kid schedule/etc. I promise! And then you can thank me later, because you will.

Keep the good vibes coming as I continue to work hard at this work/family/healthy life balance!

If you’re interested in becoming a part of Balance, check out this free seminar!