A Fun Way to Drink More Water!

A Fun Way to Drink More Water!

We have a great game for you to play with friends this summer to increase your water consumption. Not only is it fun, but you get a chance to win money, too!

How to play “Water Pool”


Motivate yourself and others to drink more water this summer.


  • A piggy bank or decorative jar to collect the pool
  • A notepad or hydration tracker app
  • Family members, roommates, coworkers or others who want to increase their water intake


Determine how long you will play. Example: first day of the month to the last. Also, determine how much a glass is worth (Warning: you will be depositing that amount, so make sure it is reasonable.) Example: ten cents per glass.

Game play:

Every time a player drinks a full 8 oz glass of water, they make a note on either their mobile phone or notebook. At the end of each day or week, the player must deposit that amount into the “pool”.

Harmless Cheats:

Every game has cheats; here are five harmless cheats that will benefit every player that uses them.

  • Include fruits and veggies in your water to add taste.
  • Drink a glass after every bathroom break.
  • Keep a gallon jug nearby to remind you to drink up.
  • Drink one glass as an appetizer before each meal.
  • Order something spicy to boost your desire for water.


The player that drinks the most water at the end of the month wins the money in the “pool.” If there is a tie, the money is split evenly.

There are no real losers, because all players will have accomplished their objective of drinking more water this summer!

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