A Dream Achieved in Less Than 65 Minutes!

The following post ran Dec. 10, 2013, and was written by A New You blogger Allissa Snyder after she ran Woman’s Half Marathon.

It’s raining, it’s pouring, but this woman was definitely not snoring! Nope, 5:00 AM up and Adam! I had all my race day gear laid out, breakfast set out waiting and I was ready to take on the world.

So many questions on the way there. Will the rain stop? Will the pavement be slippery? Will I be able to feel my frozen legs … Brrrr! Really, Louisiana, cold and a few degrees above freezing???? I found myself more worried about the elements than the actual race. But, in New Allissa fashion I sucked it up and put on my game face. Come rain, sleet, or shine I will finish running this race!!!


When I arrived at the race I was scared! I saw other runners looking at this huge name board with the names of all the runners. I quickly found my name on the board and then it hit me … I promised to run all 6 miles. I didn’t just promise, I blogged about it, wrote it down! I had to deliver, but not because of that. Because, I owe it to myself to achieve this goal!!

Penelope and I

While standing in the coral waiting on our marks to take off I nervously chatted with another girl and made a new friend, Penelope. Penelope said she was in her second race of 30 races before her 30th birthday! What an amazing goal! She was super upbeat, inspirational, and we exchanged emails. I hope to do a few races with Penelope next year. She may have just given me an idea before I turn 40. Does that mean 40 races before my 40th birthday? Huh? Another topic for another day.

The gun went off and warm fuzzy nerves were pumping. My music was blaring in my ear and I was determined to stay focused and at a steady pace. I kept it steady and actually I never really heard the music. I took this time to think about where I had been this past year. Where I was last year at this time and all the amazing people who have touched my life through this process! It was peaceful and my breath never wavered.

Every mile marker I passed I got more excited and empowered! At mile marker 5 I was so amazed that I wasn’t tired or winded I decided to finish strong and give it all I had! It was an absolutely freeing last mile. I laid it all out there finishing with high fives and a time of 1:04:37. Never in a million years would I have though that six 10 minute, 25 second miles were even possible.

I have experienced so many first this past year, but this was different. This was a culmination of months of hard work and planning. Planning to put me first for a change when I have always come last as so many of us Moms do! And now as I sit here in bed after one of my proudest moments of my life. I just keep thinking back to this morning and that amazing moment when I crossed the Women’s 10K finish line. Unbelievable is how I felt. If I could bottle that feeling and give it away as gifts I would!

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