6 Nutrition Tips — Part 2

almondbutterThe following post is written by Nutrition Services at Woman’s Center for Wellness.

We previously gave you six nutrition tips to help control your eating habits. Now, our Registered Dietitians at Woman’s Health Center have come up with six tips to help you pick healthier foods at the grocery or restaurant.


1. Fiber

Foods high in fiber are usually lower in fat and calories and can be a more filling food option. Consider starting you day with a high fiber cereal that will fill you up and provide energy for the day ahead.

2. Whole grains

Make sure half of your grains each day are whole. Switching to whole grains can be as easy as choosing 100 percent whole grain cereals, breads, rice and pasta.

3. Lunch break

Packing a lunch for work will not only save you money but will also save you calories and fat by avoiding fast food restaurants. Suggestions: Use whole wheat pita or whole wheat tortilla instead of bread, add spinach or arugula to a sandwich instead of traditional iceberg lettuce, use hummus instead of mayonnaise on a sandwich, try a new recipe such as a chicken-mango wrap or chicken and berries with mixed greens (recipes below).

4. Fruits and Veggies

Make half of your plate fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies are low in calories and fat and high in vitamins and fibers. Make it a goal to eat a minimum of three cups of veggies each day and a maximum of two cups of fruit each day.

5. Almond butter

Try something new! Consider using almond butter as an alternative to peanut butter. Although almond butter is still high in fat, it is healthy fat and contains less saturated fat than peanut butter.

6. Food Safety

Go green and use reusable totes for lunches at work. Just remember to frequently machine wash the tote or wash by hand with hot soapy water to prevent food poisoning.

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