3D Body Scanning Now Available

3D Body Scanning Now Available

At Woman’s Center for Wellness, we are proud to offer the Fit3D body scanner. Fit3D provides full body scans that determine body fat, girth measurements, balance and posture. These measurements can provide vital information about your health. The three dimensional images gives our patients and clients a baseline and allows our team of professionals to help formulate an individual goal plan. Check out how each of our departments at Woman’s Center for Wellness are using the Fit3D:


Have you been dieting with no success on the scale? For those looking to improve their health through diet, our nutrition team members can perform the Fit3D body composition analysis as a baseline prior to initiating changes to your diet. You can re-measure as often as you would like to see how your scans continue to improve as you continue to make those positive changes!


With Balance®, we will incorporate scans at the beginning and end of the 12-week program to show overall improvements to your weight, body composition and measurements. The scanner allows each Balance client to see results beyond the number on the scale.


Our fitness trainers will utilize 3D scan results to help you transform your body by decreasing fat mass and increasing lean mass through the use of adequate exercise.


We’ve all experienced aches and pains at some point, especially as we age, but do we really know why? Do you know if you hold your shoulders in or out, or if you keep your head forward? Or do you notice if you tend to lean to the left or right more when standing, putting more pressure on one side?


Woman’s Fit3D full body scanner helps us better quantify posture and balance impairments. Our physical therapy team is trained to identify underlying impairments causing you pain and dysfunction.

To learn more about the Fit3D body scanner, contact Woman’s Center for Wellness at 225-924-8300.

Pictures courtesy of Fit3D